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Price: $39.99 - $89.99/moSpeed: 1000 Mbps - 100 Mbps
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How much does Kinetic by Windstream cost?

Kinetic internet by Windstream costs between $39.99 per month and $69.99 per month, depending on how much speed you you need. The cheapest plan, at 100 Mbps, is fast enough for a household of one or two people. The 500 Mbps plan is fast enough for almost any household, but if you have a particularly large household or extremely heavy bandwidth requirements, you might want the more expensive gig speed plan.

Read more about choosing the right internet speed.

How Kinetic by Windstream stacks up on value

Monthly prices for Kinetic internet are very competitive. Our expert review team gives the company a score of 3.5 out of 5 on value. You'll get the best value with Kinetic at the gig speed level, where you’ll pay less than you would with any other national provider.

In areas where Kinetic doesn’t offer fiber internet, it may offer DSL internet (which is much, much slower). You’ll still pay only about half of what the FCC considers reasonable prices at the 50 Mbps level, though, meaning it's a great deal. If your choice is DSL internet from Kinetic versus satellite internet, we would usually recommend Kinetic.

It’s worth noting that these great prices apply only for the first year of service. After that, prices go up by about $30 per month.

What current Kinetic customers are saying about price

Most Kinetic customers are happy with their internet service from Windstream, whether they have DSL or fiber connections. A few customers complain about the price, but we see fewer price complaints with Windstream than with most competing services.

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Featured plans and prices

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Kinetic Internet Basic up to 100 Mbps
  • Download speeds
    100 Mbps
  • Upload speeds
    100 Mbps
Kinetic Internet Basic up to 100 Mbps
  • Download speeds
    100 Mbps
  • Upload speeds
    100 Mbps
Gig Speed Fiber Internet and Unlimited Phone
  • Download speeds
    1000 Mbps

The speed that you are receiving is up to 1000MB. Windstream cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted, error-free service. Speed availability, capabilities and provisioning vary depending on network and terrain conditions, Internet, website, or network congestion, and customer geographical location. Windstream makes no representations related to download or upload speeds. Windstream assumes no responsibility or liability for interruption of services or service performance differences actual and advertised performance. Our free 24/7 tech support is available to assist with any connection questions and you can find a full list of terms at www.windstream.com/terms.

The voice service you are receiving is delivered via an Internet connection and requires electrical power. If power is lost or if there is a disruption to your Internet connection, your voice service will not work. During the installation, you will be asked by the Windstream Technician to acknowledge this and to provide an electronic consent before installation can be completed.Windstream recommends you maintain an alternative means of accessing 911 services and that you purchase a battery backup to sustain voice service in the event of a power outage. Having a working phone during those times will allow you to call 911, temporarily maintain home alarm systems and any medical alert services. Windstream’s equipment is provided with an AC adapter. Battery backup equipment that supplies at least 120VAC@1 amp can be purchased online or from a number of retail stores. The price may vary based on the capacity of the equipment and the length of time the battery will provide power.For terms and conditions regarding your services, please review Windstream’s Terms & Conditions at www.windstream.com/about/legal/Terms-and-Conditions." The charges represented here do NOT include the taxes or charges that we pass on to governmental entities AND fees and surcharges associated with your Windstream service. You will receive a confirmation after your order is placed that explains the monthly charges we’ve discussed today, as well as Windstream generated fees and surcharges. Kinetic Voice (VOIP) product plan includes the following features; Caller ID Deluxe, Enhance Call Waiting, Caller ID on Call Waiting/Spam Call Alert, Call Return, Repeat Dial, 3-way calling, Speed calling 30, Call forwarding, Selective Call Rejection, Selective Call Acceptance, Call Selector, Preferred Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call Rejection, Kinetic Voice Manager, Voicemail/VM to Email, Voicemail Visual, SimRing, Distinctive Ring, Speed Dial, Premium Call Corwarding, and Click here to view Minnesota Caller ID Disclaimer.

You have subscribed to Windstream’s up to 1000 Mb High-Speed Internet service plan. With this plan you will have download speeds ranging from a minimum of 800 Mb to a maximum of 1000 Mb. While Windstream cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted service, Windstream will make every effort to provide you with a quality high speed internet connection. Your connection may be impacted by various factors such as websites, location of equipment in your home, number of connected devices, time of day and network. Windstream’s free 24/7 tech support is available to assist with any connection questions. You have also chosen the Unlimited Phone plan as part of your package. Please be aware that certain restrictions apply. The plan cannot be used for Internet or data devices, business use, fax machine, conference calling (which includes 3-way calls), and calls to adult entertainment or chat lines. Directory assistance, calling card calls, collect calls, operator assistance, international calling and toll-free services are not covered under the Unlimited plan and additional charges may apply. If usage does not meet these terms and conditions, Windstream may immediately restrict use or change your long-distance rate plan to Dime All the Time. We will send you a letter that list the terms and conditions and the terms will also appear on your next month bill. You may also view the terms and conditions on windstream.com/terms." The charges represented here do NOT include the taxes or charges that we pass on to governmental entities AND fees and surcharges associated with your Windstream service. You will receive a confirmation after your order is placed that explains the monthly charges we’ve discussed today, as well as Windstream generated fees and surcharges.

Kinetic by Windstream costs and fees to consider

Kinetic internet charges for professional installation, with different pricing structures based on how much work the technician needs to do. If you can do it on your own, though, installation is free. There are also internet equipment rental fees with Kinetic, but you can skip them if you have your own gear. Either way, and for either internet connection type, there’s a required $60 activation fee (charged in addition to any installation fees, if applicable).

Kinetic also sells an internet security suite ($10 per month for fiber customers and $15 per month for DSL customers). The service gets added automatically during checkout, but we don’t think most people need it. Read more about how to stay safe on the internet.

Learn more about understanding your internet bill and ways you could save money.

Self-installation cost
Professional installation cost
Equipment fees
$9–10 per month
Activation fee
Phone jack installation (not always necessary)
Internet security add-on
Kinetic by Windstream internet deals and incentives

Kinetic sometimes offers prepaid Visa gift cards when you sign up for either fiber or DSL service, and doesn’t require you to prove you have switched from another internet provider. Unfortunately, that extra $100 or $200 in your pocket is offset by the $60 activation fee.

Kinetic Internet Basic
$100 Visa gift card
Kinetic Fiber
$200 Visa gift card
Kinetic Fiber Gig
$200 Visa gift card
Kinetic by Windstream bundles

You can bundle a land line service with Kinetic DSL internet. If you have Kinetic fiber internet, you can bundle with DIRECTV STREAM and get a $10 monthly discount on the TV package. You could also choose a different live TV provider. Windstream suggests YouTube TV, but doesn’t offer discounted pricing for the bundle.

DSL + home phone bundle
$20/mo. additional
$10/mo. discount
Cancelation costs for Kinetic by Windstream

There are no contracts with Kinetic internet, so cancelation is free and easy. All you need to do is call Windstream customer service, then return your rented equipment. Piece of cake!

Cancelation fee
Contract length
Kinetic by Windstream Affordable Connectivity Program

Kinetic joins almost every other internet service provider out there by participating in the federally funded Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which offers $30 off home internet bills to certain low-income families and seniors. Since the cheapest plans with Kinetic are $39.99 and the ACP requires providers to include free internet equipment, you could get fiber internet for as little as $10 per month.

Learn more about signing up for your ACP benefit with Windstream.

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