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Home security providers

We have reviews for the nation’s largest home security providers, from traditional, professionally installed brands to customizable do-it-yourself options. Each brand page was designed to demonstrate how a home security system will look and work in your home. We did this by hands-on testing each system in a real-world environment and explaining the purchase, installation, and user experience in detail.

On each page, you’ll find tabs for Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives. The Reviews page follows our home security experts as they install and test equipment in their own homes, along with an objective rating system based on their hands-on testing. The Pricing page lists pricing for each brand, including equipment and monitoring costs, along with any other fees. The Alternatives page breaks down some of each provider’s key competitors to help you make an informed decision.

Find the right provider for you

Still deciding which home security system is right for you and your home? Check out our rankings of the best home security providers.