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Price: $49.99 - $110.00/moSpeed: 300 Mbps - 940 MbpsChannels: 425+DVR storage hours: 50+
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Excellent value and customizable options

Verizon Fios TV offers an excellent value TV service. The customizable Your Fios plan is particularly attractive, but all tiers offer a lot of TV for the money. Add in outstanding internet, and it’s hard to go wrong with Verizon.

What we like

  • No contracts
  • Personalized channel lineup
  • Excellent fiber internet bundles
What we dislike

  • Pricey DVR storage
  • For TV-only customers, a Verizon router is still required
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Our expert assessment

Hundreds of channels and easy customization

Great prices meet high channel counts and easy ways to pay for just what you want to watch with Verizon Fios TV. If you live in a coverage area, you’ll benefit from some of the best pay TV on the market.

Local: 5/5
Verizon has you covered when it comes to channels, with all the standard options in both English and Spanish. The exact selection and channel number varies based on where you live, but there’s a good chance you can get broadcast favorites in HD quality. You also get a variety of local public access stations and less-common but still-popular options like Comet, Bounce TV, Antenna TV, and StartTV. (1)

Sports: 5/5
Verizon TV’s premium package has a lot to offer for anyone who loves sports. In addition to your local channels, you can watch pro golf, baseball, football, and basketball, plus a variety of college games. The only downside is no Showtime (unless you buy an add-on).

Family and education: 4/5
When it comes to content for kids and families with Verizon Fios TV, there’s a lot to love. With The Most Fios TV package, you get Nick Toons, Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Boomerang plus Discovery, Nat Geo Wild, Science, Game Show Network, and much more. However, you’ll miss out on Family Entertainment TV (FETV), Me TV, UP, and Cartoon Network.

News and politics: 5/5
Whether you want political talk, international news and analysis, business news, or even sports and local news, Verizon Fios is a great option. It offers every single one of the top 100 channels in the US that offers news, including CNN, Fox News, Newsmax, CNBC, C-SPAN, and even the Weather Channel and Accuweather.

Entertainment and lifestyle: 4.5/5
You can watch all kinds of movies, reality TV favorites, and true crime documentaries with Verizon Fios TV’s premier package. To get HBO and Showtime, though, you’ll have to pay add-on prices. Unfortunately, you can’t get Grit, Ion Mystery, USA Network, Cartoon Network, or Laff with Verizon.

Local news, sports, and entertainment channels vary based on your location. Check out
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Excellent value, especially with the customizable channel lineup

Verizon isn't the cheapest option for traditional TV—you can get TV service for less elsewhere. It’s also not the best in terms of channels per dollar—although it holds its own. However, the ability to personalize the Your Fios plan means you can get more of the channels you actually want without having to pony up for a more expensive plan. It's a fantastic feature, and relatively uncommon in the cable TV space.

Of course, if you do want all the channels, you can get that, too: the top-tier Most Fios plan comes with well over 400, which is one of the highest channel counts in the business.

Get the best value by speaking directly with a sales rep at 1-833-970-0848 or check your address at
Verizon Fios's website.
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Equipment and features
A highly rated mobile app lets you save on set-top box rental

The day-to-day experience with Verizon Fios TV is better than with most cable TV competitors, but the company puts less focus on its DVR setup than its competitors in the satellite TV arena.

Ability to watch: Great
Verizon TV comes with your fist set-top box included, and it’s not bad. The signal is delivered over very fast internet, so picture quality is good and reliable. Almost all channels are available in HD. The service also offers a free mobile app for paying customers, so you only really need the one box. If you want more, however, you can lease them for $12 each per month.

Ability to record: Good
Verizon Fios TV comes with all the features you’d expect from a fiber company. On higher packages, it offers multi-room DVR with 100 hours of storage at the base price, and you can record 6 shows at once. For an additional $10 per month, you can double the storage and record up to 12 shows at once. You can record via the remote, the smartphone app, or using a streaming device you already own (like an Apple TV or Fios TV). If you opt for the lowest tier, you’ll have to pay $12 per month for DVR capability and will be limited to just 50 hours of recording space. However, you could also just skip DVR altogether and won’t incur charges.

Ability to find: Excellent
Verizon offers voice remote functionality, easy ways to get to your favorites, and simple parental controls. It also has a mobile app that enables on-the-go streaming of your favorite channels—and it is surprisingly well-rated. (2, 3)

Features and equipment may vary based on package. Visit
Verizon Fios's website
or call 1-833-970-0848 for more information.
Customer experience
Installation is a little pricey (unless you order online)

The Verizon Fios TV professional installation fee is $99, and there’s no self-install option. However, online ordering and promotions often waive this fee, so you can save some money on your first TV bill. Apart from that, the other major setup costs are the router and the DVR. You'll need the $18-per-month router if you don't already have Verizon Fios internet, and the company recommends against using your own equipment.

Once installation is handled, most customers are happy with the service. Some wish they could pay less, but complaints about the mobile app and channel lineup are relatively rare.

Visit Verizon Fios's website
or call 1-833-970-0848 for more information on contracts and money-back guarantees.
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Verizon Fios customer ratings overview

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Top reviews from Verizon Fios customers

Kimberlyfrom Slatington, PA
Verizon Fios Customer for Less than a year
Reviewed on: 9/15/2022
I think they can improve by providing more streaming services included in the package.
Dina from Liverpool , NY
Verizon Fios Customer for 8+ years
Reviewed on: 9/9/2022
There prices are kind of expensive hate their prompts when calling them
Michaelfrom Herndon, VA
Verizon Fios Customer for 8+ years
Reviewed on: 9/4/2022
The services and customer service is really good. If they need to improve on anything it will be their website, it is so bland.
Minkafrom West Hartford, CT
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 9/2/2022
I am generally happy with the content provided.
Callifrom Bridgeville , PA
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 8/31/2022
Its fine, i dont have a complaint. I only switched because it was cheaper than Comcast. I hate that they charge me for a wireless box
Reignfrom Fitzgerald, GA
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 8/27/2022
It has great service fast speed as well
Leighfrom Washington, DC
Verizon Fios Customer for 8+ years
Reviewed on: 8/26/2022
Verizon has the best channel selection, wifi bandwidth and entertainment options. I rely appreciate the sports they always have. The movie selection is also terrific
Zoefrom Cedar Grove , NJ
Verizon Fios Customer for 4+ years
Reviewed on: 8/18/2022
The cost is decent, but for the amount we use it it is not really worth it so we might cancel it. The content is good and there is plenty of news channels. There are good movies too.
Jacobfrom Marshall , IL
Verizon Fios Customer for 4+ years
Reviewed on: 8/16/2022
Love it great service
Nishaajfrom Midlothian, VA
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 8/9/2022
I love Verizon FIOS because it's very good.
Patfrom New Milford, NJ
Verizon Fios Customer for 8+ years
Reviewed on: 8/9/2022
Fios has everything I need in a cable service. I use it to watch live sports, live shows, and recorded shows on DVR.
Kalenfrom Mechanicsburg, PA
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 8/6/2022
Very user friendly, good customer service. And friendly pricing
Rammyfrom Centerville, VA
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 8/5/2022
I think they have good service but also going downwards of poor customer service practice
Lorifrom Newark , DE
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 8/1/2022
Verizon has dependable service that rarely has interruptions. The channel selections are good. The price they charge for the premium channels is outrageous and the basic channels are crap
Feleciafrom Richmond, VA
Verizon Fios Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 7/28/2022
I love it
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Endnotes and sources
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