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Moving to a new city or just fed up with price hikes from your current provider? There’s a lot to consider before signing your next contract. Our team of researchers has exhaustively reviewed each provider and compiled resources so you can feel confident in your choice.
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TV and streaming

Do you go with satellite or cable for the traditional channel-surfing experience or opt for the more à la carte streaming approach? Either way, be sure to scan our expertly researched reviews and TV resources before jumping into another long-term provider agreement.

Home security

Whether you're adding to your home security system, making a switch, or starting from scratch, there's a lot to keep in mind. We tested each provider in our own homes in a real-world environment and compiled resources to help you rest easy, whichever system you choose.

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It's not about us or our nifty features; it's about giving you the right information to make an informed decision. It's about becoming a more confident consumer.
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In an industry rife with fake reviews and slimy ranking methods, our transparent, human-centered approach shines out.
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Switchful is part of the Helpful family of brands, which means it comes with built-in protective armor to protect against even the spammiest of internet tactics.
No burying the best information under a long biography (ahem, every recipe site ever)
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We've got a constant pulse on consumers' evolving needs (and provider offerings) in the categories our readers trust us to cover. Check back often as we add more helpful resources, expand our subject-matter expertise, and bring clarity to other complex service industries.

Industry analysis

We regularly commission studies to understand how changing dynamics in home services affect consumer sentiment and behavior. With a deeper understanding of consumers, we're better able to advocate on their behalf.