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Price: $20.00 - $300.00/moSpeed: 50 Mbps - 5 Gb
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Fast, reliable fiber for larger households and power users

Ziply offers great pricing for medium-to-large households and absurdly fast internet for power users. This provider has a few quirks, like hidden contracts and no self-setup, but if those don’t bother you, Ziply is a solid internet service provider in the Northwestern US.

What we like

  • Low prices
  • Fast internet
What we dislike

  • Hidden contracts with promotional pricing
  • No self-setup

Ziply internet review 2023—truly no contracts? video thumbnail
Ziply internet review 2023—truly no contracts?
Our expert review of Ziply Fiber internet
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Savings tip: Ziply Fiber often has sign-up promotions for first-time customers. Call 1-833-970-0803 to ask a rep about current deals and discounts.
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Our expert assessment

Low-cost internet plans—unless you want the fastest speeds possible

Overall, Ziply offers fast fiber internet at great prices. Its slowest plans (50 Mbps and 200 Mbps) are the best value, priced at 25% and 33% of the national benchmark, respectively. (1) Its 1 gig plan is relatively more expensive, but it still comes in under 45% of the national benchmark for similar plans. After introductory pricing ends, your monthly bill will increase by about $20 per month, but you’ll still pay less than average. Plus, you’ll get unlimited data.

If you want the absolute fastest internet possible, Ziply also offers 2- and 5-gig plans, but these come with much higher price tags. A 2-gig plan is nearly double the cost of a 1-gig plan (no bulk discount here), and a 5-gig plan is nearly 4 times the cost! (2) And there’s no introductory pricing for these blazing-fast plans. You’ll also need to spring for your own router (the Ziply one doesn’t support these speeds). 1 gig should be more than enough speed to cover the vast majority of households, so we don’t recommend springing for these plans unless you’re sure you need them.

Pricing details vary by location. Visit
Ziply Fiber's website
or call 1-833-970-0803 to speak with a rep.
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Fast, reliable fiber in most areas

Ziply has a fiber optic network, which is the most reliable kind of infrastructure out there. Fiber also allows for faster speeds than any other kind of internet, including upload speeds that are just as fast as download speeds (AKA symmetrical speed). Unfortunately, Ziply’s 1-gig plan isn’t symmetrical, serving up only 35 Mbps for upload, and that’s a shame. Still, most families will find a symmetrical 200 Mbps connection plenty fast, while high-powered users can opt for a 2- or 5-gig symmetrical plan (though it’ll cost you big).

Other than that, Ziply performs pretty well. It typically uses only 40% of its infrastructure capacity (3), which means you’re less likely to see slowdowns during peak hours. However, Ziply has legacy DSL infrastructure in some rural areas and tends to perform slower than other DSL providers.

Available speeds vary by location. Call 1-833-970-0803 to speak with a Ziply Fiber rep or
go to its website.
Equipment and installation
Equipment and installation costs mostly balance each other out

Ziply’s equipment costs can add up. Its router/modem combo is a reasonable $10 per month, but its Whole Home Wi-Fi costs $20 per month. Sometimes, Ziply runs promotions that include Wi-Fi, so keep an eye out for those. Ziply’s Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi 6 technology, which is the best technology available. You can stream up to 12 devices at once (Wi-Fi 5 allows only up to 5). However, Ziply’s router isn’t compatible with its 2- and 5- gig plans. If you want one of these plans, you must BYO router, and not all routers are compatible, so be careful here.

Professional installation is free, which is great because Ziply doesn’t have a self-install option. Technicians will run cables from the street to your home, wire up your house, and set up your Whole Home Wi-Fi. The downside is technicians likely won’t get all this done in a single visit, so it might take a few weeks to get you up and running.

Equipment and installation options can vary widely depending on
Ziply Fiber plans
available in your area.
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Customer experience
Could be more customer-friendly with more self-help options and better transparency

We love that Ziply provides professional installation for free, but we’re bummed that it doesn’t even offer a self-setup option. Ziply has some great self-help content on its website for troubleshooting or changing out your router later—you just can’t use it to get started. Forcing you to use professional installation also means it takes longer to get started, and that’s tough if you’ve just moved to the area. If you’re not moving, it still means you’ll have to juggle your old service with Ziply installation times to avoid a gap in internet service.

We’re also not a fan of Ziply’s hidden contracts. It advertises no-contract plans, but if you read the fine print, you’ll pay early termination charges if you try to leave before your promotional plan ends. All that said, Ziply’s customer service is decent, and most negative reviews call out the same kinds of issues other providers get: billing disputes. (4)

Visit Ziply Fiber's website
or call 1-833-970-0803 for more information on contracts and money-back guarantees.
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Top reviews from Ziply Fiber customers

Rowdyfrom Coos Bay , OR
Ziply Fiber Customer for Less than a year
Reviewed on: 11-21-2022
I love the service. The biggest problem is I signed up with the acp plan and every month they keep sending me a bill. The service is only 20 bucks a month and acp covers up to 30 dollars.
Michaelfrom Hillsboro, OR
Ziply Fiber Customer for 1+ years
Reviewed on: 6-17-2022
Price was fine, but they are adding charges all the time. They need to make sure the customer feels taken care of. The last time we were on the phone, they made it seem like it was our fault when their lines were faulty. And they didn't offer a break or a credit for the downtime.
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