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Best internet providers in Seguin, Texas

AT&T fiber is the best internet provider in Seguin—really, in the entire San Antonio area. AT&T offers fast speeds (up to 5 Gbps), excellent reliability, and reasonable prices. It’s also got a good reputation for customer service, which is more than we can say about many ISPs.

Aside from AT&T, Guadalupe Valley Electric Company (GVEC) and Spectrum both offer service to more or less the entire Seguin area, and the speeds are quite good (up to 1,000 Mbps). However, neither quite stacks up to AT&T fiber.

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Staff rating
Customer rating

  • Plans starting at $55.00 - $180.00
  • Download speeds up to 5000Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 5000Mbps

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Guadalupe Valley Electric
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  • Plans starting at $34.95 - $99.95
  • Download speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to n/a

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Disclaimer: Availability and pricing are subject to location. Conditions apply.

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  • Plans starting at $29.99 - $169.97
  • Download speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Upload speeds up to 35 Mbps

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How we rank internet providers
We have a robust rating system to score internet service providers overall, but the quality of service could vary city to city. When narrowing down the best providers specific to Seguin, we considered factors like availability, value, performance, and customer experience. We source information directly from the ISP's themselves, the FCC, and first-hand insights from residents of Seguin.
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Our top 3 ISP choices in Seguin, TX

AT&T fiber, GVEC internet, and Spectrum are all fast and widely available in Seguin.

#1: AT&T fiber internet

AT&T is our top pick for Seguin—and one of our favorite internet providers overall. With speeds up to 5,000 Mbps, you’ll never be short on bandwidth. Prices for most plans are very competitive, and—best of all—the customer service and support are among the best in the industry. Unfortunately, Seguin doesn’t have quite as much AT&T coverage as other parts of the San Antonio area, so you may have to go with one of the alternatives below.

Read our full AT&T review.

#2: Guadalupe Valley Electric internet

Regional provider GVEC offers speedy fiber throughout 97% of Seguin. It’s a bit pricey compared to other options, but the wide coverage and fast speeds make it a compelling alternative to AT&T, especially if you prefer to support (relatively) smaller businesses.

#3: Spectrum internet

Spectrum rounds out our top three for Seguin. It brings 1,000 Mbps speeds and 86% coverage around the town; it’s a very solid option. However, it does lack the rock-solid reliability of AT&T—we tend to see more reports of issues with Spectrum service.

Read our full Spectrum review.

All internet providers in Seguin

Beyond our top three, Seguin residents have a few choices. T-Mobile and Verizon both offer their 5G home internet in Seguin, and T-Mobile in particular has a large coverage area. These can be good options for cell service customers—there are often bundling discounts.

The other major option in Seguin is satellite. HughesNet, Viasat, and Starlink all offer service here (and basically everywhere else in the country). HughesNet and Viasat are a bit too slow to recommend if you have other options, but Starlink could be an interesting choice. Just be prepared to pay for it—Elon Musk’s internet service is expensive.

Fastest internet providers in Seguin

AT&T is definitely the fastest option in Seguin, topping out at a blistering 5,000 Mbps. Spectrum and GVEC both offer up to 1,000 Mbps, while Verizon’s home internet reaches up to 300 Mbps—still plenty for many users.

How much speed do you need?

When choosing an internet plan, you want to keep all of your activities running smoothly without paying extra for speeds you don't need. At the bare minimum, you need 25 Mbps to do light browsing on one or two devices. Most households with multiple people and multiple devices will want to look for speeds in the 100–500 Mbps range. Learn how much speed your household needs in our guide to internet speed.
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Cheapest internet providers in Seguin

Spectrum is likely to be your cheapest wired option in Seguin. Plans start around $30 for 100 Mbps. AT&T is more expensive overall but tends to offer a better value. Finally, T-Mobile internet is quite cheap if you have cell service with it already.

Internet options in nearby cities

The options in nearby cities are more or less the same. In our opinion, AT&T is your best bet across the entire San Antonio region, followed by either Spectrum or GVEC. Where things get interesting is in San Antonio proper, where Google Fiber is available. Google’s internet service is fast, affordable, and provides a fantastic customer experience.

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What Seguin residents are saying on Reddit

For the most part, residents online tend to recommend either AT&T fiber or Google Fiber, citing reliability and fast speeds. Spectrum is less frequently recommended, with the occasional complaint about reliability.

Post by u/rocksolidaudio
Internet providers

Native Texan moving back home, but not familiar with the ISPs in San Antonio. Looks like my options are AT&T Fiber, Spectrum Cable or Astound (Grande) Cable. I know that fiber is usually better and have had Fios Fiber in Philly and NYC but AT&T is actually more expensive than Fios has been on the east coast and they have lower reliability scores.

Between those three, which is the most reliable for consistent high speeds and low outages in the SA area?

Most helpful response

AT&T fiber is really good and they have promos. Spectrum is a pain to deal with customer service. Grande is actually quite stable and the smaller guy but as such they have limited service, people available, offices...etc

Post by u/OkButterfly5438
AT&T or Spectrum?

I'll be needing to choose a new internet plan soon (AT&T or Spectrum only), and I want to hear your opinions! Which provider has better deals for internet, and which provider is more reliable/has better service? Thanks in advance!

(For context, I would need an internet speed that's good for 1 person who works from home and uses the internet a lot- no gaming though. My current AT&T plan barely scrapes 15mbps.)

Most helpful response

ATT fiber is fantastic if you can get it. We had it for years before moving and had zero issues that weren't caused by SWMD or some other factor breaking the fiber lines. Speeds were always consistent and no data cap. That's good for me and my family as I work from home and my family loves to stream.

Now we have Spectrum and while the 400 down is OK the 20 up kills my productivity. Our only other option is ATT DSL which I would never use.

Internet news and infrastructure in Seguin, TX

Seguin has generally worse high-speed coverage than other San Antonio suburbs. A bit less than 90% of the area has access to at least 250 Mbps, but over 10% of the area can’t even get 100 Mbps internet, which is a shame. Additionally, only 34% of Seguin has access to 1,000 Mbps or better.

In Seguin, 89% of women can get 100 Mbps, 87% can get 250 Mbps, and 34% can get 1 Gbps.

Frequently asked internet questions in Seguin

AT&T has the fastest internet in Seguin, at a whopping 5,000 Mbps. This is followed by GVEC and Spectrum, each offering 1,000 Mbps to residents.

Yes, AT&T offers fiber internet in Seguin. This enables the provider to crank the speeds up to 5 gigs—more than enough for even the most demanding users.

Unfortunately, no. Google Fiber is available in San Antonio but is concentrated mainly in the downtown area and on the northern side.

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