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Verizon Fios television pricing

Verizon Fios brand
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Price: $49.99 - $110.00/moSpeed: 300 Mbps - 940 MbpsChannels: 425+DVR storage hours: 50+
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Is Verizon Fios worth the cost?

Verizon Fios TV is a good deal, both for its variety of channels and price per channel. While you can technically find less expensive TV, you’re not likely to get as many channels as Verizon Fios offers—upward of 400 with the top-tier plans. Additionally, the entry-level Your Fios package lets you personalize the channel selection. This means that while the channel count may be lower, you actually get content you’ll watch instead of a bunch of filler channels.

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Make sure Verizon Fios is available in your area.

Featured plans and prices

Get the best value by speaking directly with a sales rep at 1-833-970-0848 or checking your address at
Verizon Fios's website.
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Your Fios TV
  • Channels
  • DVR storage hours
More Fios TV
  • Channels
  • DVR storage hours
The Most Fios TV
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  • DVR storage hours

Disclaimer: Availability and pricing are subject to location. Conditions apply.

Want to bundle TV with other services?

If you’re looking to bundle, Verizon Fios becomes an even more attractive option. The Fios internet service is one of our top-ranked internet providers, with fast speeds and great prices. You can also add home phone service (if you still use it).

Savings tip: Services often come highly discounted when you buy them together. Be sure to check
Verizon Fios's bundling options.
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Premium channels and add-ons

Verizon Fios TV has a unique way of bundling premium channels. Instead of paying à la carte for each channel, you can choose whichever premium channels you want and pay a flat fee based on the number you choose:

  • One premium channel: $15/mo.
  • Two premium channels: $25/mo.
  • Three premium channels: $30/mo.
  • All five premium channels: $40/mo.

You can choose from the following channels:

  • HBO Max
  • Cinemax
  • MGM+

Sports fans can add a variety of additional channels with the Sports Pass add-on for around $15 per month. If that’s still not enough, you have access to the usual dedicated premium sports channels, like NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, and MLB.tv Premium. International packages are also available. Prices for these packages vary.

Available add-ons vary based on your location and TV package. Visit
Verizon Fios's website
or call 1-833-970-0848 for more details.
Switching to Verizon Fios?

If you’re switching to Verizon Fios TV, the main thing you want to consider is how many set-top boxes you need, and how many of those you want to have DVR capabilities. Beyond the starter box (and included DVR service with higher-tier packages), you’ll need to pay monthly for these. There’s also a $99 installation fee, but it’s typically waived if you order service online.

Better yet, new customers who order both TV and internet service may qualify for a $500 rebate to cover early termination fees (ETFs) from another provider. You may also be eligible for discounts on gear, gift cards, and more.

Savings tip: Verizon Fios often has
sign-up promotions
for first-time customers. Call 1-833-970-0848 to ask a rep about current deals and discounts.
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Canceling Verizon Fios TV services?

Canceling Verizon Fios TV is simple enough. There are no contracts or service agreements, thus no early termination fees or other charges for canceling. All you’ll need to do is let Verizon know and return your rented equipment.

Costs to consider:
  • Installation cost: $99 (waived if ordering online)
  • DVR fee: $12/mo. for basic DVR, $20/mo. for Multi-room DVR with 100 hours of HD storage, or $30/mo. for Multi-room DVR with 200 hours of HD storage. These fees are reduced to $0, $8, and $12, respectively, on the higher-tier More Fios and Most Fios plans.
  • Additional equipment fees: $12/mo. for each additional set-top box beyond the first
  • Regional sports fee: None
  • Broadcast fee: None
  • Contract length: None
  • Cancellation fee: None

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Disclaimer: Availability and pricing are subject to location. Conditions apply.

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