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Price: $9.99 - $199.98/moSpeed: 50 Mbps - 1200 MbpsDVR storage hours: 50+
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Is WOW! Broadband worth the cost?

WOW!’s cheapest internet plan starts at $9.99 per month with introductory pricing, which is incredibly competitive. When prices jump to regular rates, you’ll see only a $10–$15 per month increase.

In some areas, WOW! has data caps, which means you might face the dreaded overage charge. Luckily, data caps are pretty generous (1.5 to 3 TB) compared to what an average person uses (around 600 GB). If you do go over, the amount is capped too. You’ll pay $10 for every 50 GB, with a max of $50 per month.

If you’re looking for bundling savings, WOW! offers internet-based TV that you can bundle with your internet plan. You can add premium channels (prices vary) and phone service ($9.99 per month), but you won’t get a discount on your internet plan by doing so. WOW! makes its internet plans the main attraction, and everything else is a sideshow.

How WOW! internet stacks up on value

We gave WOW! a score of 4 stars out of 5 on value, which means what you get for the price overall is above average. WOW!’s price per speed on its mid-tier plans is typical for the industry, but it earns extra credit for offering first-year pricing under 25% of the national benchmark, the lowest of any internet provider we’ve reviewed. (1)

If you want to get the most value from WOW!, you’ll need to sign up for autopay and paperless billing and sign a two-year contract. Most major internet providers have moved away from contracts, but in the case of WOW!, the promotional pricing is good enough and the penalties are low enough for early cancellation that it’s often worth the risk.

1. “2022 Urban Rate Survey – Fixed Broadband Service,” FCC. Accessed 21 June 2022.

Featured plans and prices

Plan details vary by location.
Check available plans
in your area or call 1-844-727-4910 to verify.
  • Download speeds
    50 Mbps
  • Upload speeds
    5 Mbps
  • Download speeds
    1200 Mbps
  • Upload speeds
    50 Mbps
  • DVR storage hours

Offer details: Availability and pricing are subject to location. Conditions apply. For offer details, view disclaimers

Costs to consider

In terms of equipment and installation fees, WOW!'s costs are pretty standard. You will pay for professional installation, and you'll have to pay a small activation fee for self-installation.

We like that the modem is included for the first year, but wish you didn't have to pay for equipment after that. Renting the Whole Home Wi-Fi system might be worth it to get the eero base and extender.

Want more context on what these fees mean? Check out our guide to understanding your internet bill.

$10 activation fee
Professional installation
Equipment fees
$14/mo. for modem (free your first year); $9.99/mo. for two eero Wi-Fi pods and $5.99/mo. for each additional pod
Additional fees
$10 data overage per 50 GB used over plan max, up to $50/mo.
Incentives for switching to WOW! internet

When you sign up for WOW!’s higher-tier plans, you get some goodies. With 500 Mbps plans and higher, you get free HBO Max, and 1 Gbps plans include a Visa gift card as well. If you forget to cancel HBO Max at the end of the free period, it’ll auto-renew for $14.99 per month, which is pretty standard.

The 500 Mbps plan comes with six months of free HBO Max. A 1 Gbps plan will give you 1 year of free HBO Max and a $300 Visa gift card. If you forget to cancel your HBO Max in time,

500 Mbps plan
6 months included HBO Max
1 Gbps plan
1 year included HBO Max; $300 Visa gift card
Canceling WOW! Broadband services?

To cancel WOW! internet, contact customer service. If you didn’t sign a contract, you won’t have any cancellation costs with WOW!. If you did sign a contract, you’ll pay around $15 for every month left on your contract. For a one-year plan, that’s a max of $165, and for a two-year plan, it’s a max of $345. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you’ll escape any termination fees, but you’ll still pay for things like taxes, equipment rental, and optional charges for the time you used WOW!.

Cancelation fee
$15 for every month remaining
Contract length
1–2 years

More plans and packages

Offer details: Availability and pricing are subject to location. Conditions apply. For offer details, view disclaimers