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Best home internet deals to look for in 2023

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Updated 2/10/23

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Internet providers are always offering deals to entice new customers. Whether you’re moving to a new home or considering switching to a new provider, you can save money by taking advantage of these ever-changing promotions. We explain the most common types of internet deals and terms to look out for and share which providers typically have the highest discounts and best perks.

Types of internet service deals

Most deals from your internet provider will fall into one of three buckets:

  • Discounted introductory pricing
  • Discounts for bundling internet with TV or phone service
  • New customer perks, like prepaid cards and free streaming for a limited time

Discounted introductory pricing: The best internet deals are reserved for new customers. These are generally limited-time deals that change regularly. Internet providers will give promotional rates for the first year of service only or less. With discounted introductory rates, higher-tier plans with the fastest speed are often the best value.

You’ll find that some internet providers don’t require any contracts, while others will make you sign on the dotted line to get the lowest pricing and the best bonuses or perks.

Agreeing to a contract to get a low introductory rate may not be worth it in the long run. After the promotional period is over, you could be stuck with a choice between paying the higher standard rate or paying an early termination fee to cancel. Before you agree to a contract, you’ll want to consider whether it’s worth losing the freedom to hop between providers to get the best rates without having to pay a cancellation fee.

Discounts for bundling internet with TV or phone service: Providers that let you bundle your internet with TV or other services may offer bundling discounts on an ongoing or limited-time basis. New or existing customers can take advantage of these deals, but they may come with contracts you otherwise wouldn’t have to agree to.

New customer perks: Some providers offer bonuses when you sign up that are worth hundreds of dollars, like gift cards or contract buyout offers. A complimentary subscription to a streaming service is a common perk, but you may get only one year of access or less for free.

Heads up

Some deals and promotional prices are available only online, while others require you to call in to save. Always check the fine print before signing up to make sure you're eligible for the best deal possible.

Providers with the best internet deals

These are the internet service providers with the best promotions for new and existing customers.

  • AT&T internet deals:
    • Get a $100–150 prepaid Visa gift card when you sign up for a qualifying AT&T fiber internet plan. AT&T will also cover your early termination fee from your previous provider if you switch to a qualifying fiber plan. Offers valid through 3/31/2023. See details.
  • Xfinity internet deals:
    • Xfinity offers discounts on first-year pricing for some of its plans, and if you're planning on bundling TV, phone, and/or home security service with your internet plan, you can likely save that way as well. Xfinity internet deals vary by region, and some are available to online customers only. See details on what's available in your area.
  • Verizon Fios internet deals:
    • Verizon offers multiple signup perks. Get up to 12 months of Walmart+ when you switch to eligible Fios internet plans. If you sign up for gig internet, you can also get up to $300 off a Stream TV Soundbar and either a "streaming" perk of Disney+ for 6 months and 2 TB Verizon cloud storage or the "gaming" perk of a MoCA ethernet adapter and a $50 Xbox eGift card. If you order online, you can save the $99 setup charge. Offers valid through 4/12/23. See details.
  • Optimum internet deals:
    • Optimum offers a $100 prepaid Visa gift card when you sign up for a 1 Gbpsbps internet plan, and a $500 Visa gift card for signing up for a 2 gig plan. Offer subject to change. See details.
    • Optimum will buy you out of a current contract up to $500 if you can show a bill from a competing provider with the same name and address you're using to sign up with Veriaon. Offer subject to change. See details.
  • Frontier internet deals:
    • Get a $150 Visa Reward card when you sign up for a Fiber 1 Gig plan, plus a free Amazon eero Wi-Fi router system. Offer subject to change. See details.

If you’re considering switching to a new provider to take advantage of a promo deal, you’ll want to know what to expect from their customer service, performance, and overall value. Our ranking of the best internet providers and individual provider reviews are great resources to check before taking the next step.

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Other ways to save on internet

There are plenty of opportunities to lower your monthly internet bill. For example, you can get discounts by negotiating with your internet provider, setting up automatic payments, or using your own router.

Some lower-income households may even be eligible to save $30 a month through the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you’re not ready to change providers, you can still save money by using our tips for cutting your internet bill.

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