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Vidgo television pricing

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Updated 4/10/23

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Is Vidgo worth the cost?

If you love college sports and right-leaning news coverage, Vidgo might be worth the high price. For most people, though, we don’t recommend the streaming service. Vidgo is hard to use, missing a lot of premium features, and missing major networks and channels. Plus, its on-demand library is tiny compared to the competition.

That said, Vidgo is the only live TV streaming service we tested that offers OAN (One American News), and it does a pretty good job with college sports and pro sports, as long as you don’t need a particular regional sports network (RSN), don’t need to make recordings, and don’t care about watching in high definition. Just be aware that you’ll deal with hiccups in the app, poor picture quality, and monthly costs that are as high (or higher) as our top choices for streaming live TV.

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Before digging too deep...
Make sure Vidgo is available in your area.
How to cancel or reactivate

It’s possible to cancel Vidgo online, but it’s not easy. From your account page, click the Modify Subscription button, which takes you to a screen with button options with text that’s almost impossible to read. Hunt for the Cancel Subscription option, and then click the Submit button. You’ll get to another screen of barely legible radio buttons. Even if you figure out how to answer the questions, you will be forced to call Customer Care and traverse a phone tree before you reach a real person.

The rep we talked to was pleasant and helpful. She removed our credit card from the service, meaning we would still have access until the end of the billing cycle. Our online account was updated to “canceled” status that afternoon. It wasn’t the worst quitting experience ever, but it would be really nice to cancel online.

Add-ons and tiered plans

Vidgo offers four plans, but there are no add-ons.

Compatible devices

Vidgo works (but not well) on iOS and Safari browsers, but works better on PCs, Chrome, and the Edge browser. It works best via apps for Android, Apple TV, and Roku devices. There are also apps for Fire TV and Android TV. To see if your devices are compatible, check the FAQ page and browse the Vidgo User Guide for setup help.

Free trial

Vidgo doesn’t offer a standard free trial, but you might be able to get a discounted rate on your first few months with certain promotions.

Costs to consider
  • Monthly fees: $39.95–$99.95, depending on your package
  • Add-ons: Not available
  • Price for 4K: Not available
  • DVR: 20 hours free on some plans

More plans and packages

Disclaimer: Prices and plans are subject to change. Conditions may apply.

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